All Coaching & Counseling Telephone Sessions are Private and Confidential


Spiritual Coaching / Counseling sessions are by TELEPHONE APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please email me to schedule an appointment


The entire program is payable in total ($150) upon signing the Spritual Coaching & Counseling Agreement. All Major Credit Cards are accepted, plus PayPal.



If your organization would like David to speak to them about Spirituality and why it's important in their lives, drop him a line and he will discuss his availability. In you are a non-profit, there is no charge for his presentation.

Not ready to commit to a Spiritual Coaching & Counseling Program just yet? I understand. That's why I created an eBook - Spiritual Truths: A More Spiritual You. The cost is just $3.00 for the 36 page eBook, which is jam packed with page after page of valuable information about becoming a more spiritual you. Email me and I'll process your order right away and email it to you so you can print it out or save it to your computer.

​The Seven-Session Spiritual Coaching & Counseling Program

Dr. Dave's program is one which builds one session upon the other. The first (initial) session is at no charge. This initial 30 - 40 min session is a building block on which the following six 30-40 minute sessions depend on and are guided upon for direction.

David will email work and guide sheets that are specific to your goals and what it is that you want and need from David. Don't let the word "work sheet" concern you. They are not home- work assignments. 

David has been offering his services for nearly 20 years and his fee-for-service has increased only once. Even though his sessions are extremely affordable, it does dilute the quality, effectiveness or results of your coaching/counseling experience.

​**David is not a psychotherapist, mental health worker or medical doctor and does not diagnose or claim to cure medical, mental or emotional conditions, nor does he prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional**


About David

In 1998, David graduated from the University of Metaphysics with a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science (B.Ms.) where he was also ordained as a Metaphysical Minister. He has continued his calling as a Spiritual Coach since that time.

In those early days in his career, while in private practice, he continued to study and practice various holistic and metaphysical modalities, as well.

David received his doctorate (PhD) in Spiritual Counseling (2004) from the Esoteric Theological Seminary of the University of Esoterica. His 8,500 word doctoral thesis is titled Spiritual Healing: By Believing, So Shall You Become. That same year he was Reiki I & II attuned.

After researching the holistic value and principles of vibrational sound therapy as it relates to body, mind and spirit, he studied Tuning Fork Therapy under renowned teacher and Reiki Master, Francine Milford and became a Certified Tuning Fork Therapist.

Today, David continues to help people of all faiths, genders, ancestry, economic and social backgrounds via his Spiritual Coaching & Counseling practice.