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If you are looking for actors/entertainers that David has or is currently coaching, please be advised that David does not disclose his previous or current clients.
In the early '90's, through a personal trauma where David had an NDE (Near Death Experience) , he became interested in various programs, teachings and philosophies designed to answer the age old questions "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?" He studied Tarot, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Candle Lightings, Spiritual Counseling & Coaching and Reiki, among others.

By the mid nineties, David's interest continued to grow in the area of Spirituality and he made the life changing decision to study Metaphysics at the country's leading authority and most repected university on the subject, the University of Metaphysics (Della Reeses' Alma Mater) in Sedona, AZ. Three years later, in October of 1998, he recieved his Bachelor of Metaphysics (B.Ms) degree. The University Seminary ordained David as a Metaphysical Minister and through his studies in Spiritual Mind Treatment, he was awarded a Practioner's Diploma to practice Spiritual Mind Treatment for physical and mental ailments and conditions (not medical). David remains a Member in Good Standing with the prestigious  world organization, the International Metaphysical Ministry (I.M.M.)

David taught Metaphysical Science and Spirituality at various metaphysical stores and shops along the Gulf Beaches of Tampa Bay. In 2001 David founded 'Wings of Spirit' Metaphysical Interfaith Church in Seminole, FL of which he was pastor. David taught meditation, metaphysical science and provided Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Coaching during the week and on Sunday mornings he held non-denominational metaphysical services. He was also a "guest" homilist at several area metaphysical churches.

In 2003 David began his doctoral studies at the University of Esoterica. The UE is a specialty college of more hidden philosophies, religions and interests. He wrote his eighty-five hundred word doctoral thesis titled "In Believing, So Shall You Become". In June 2004 he was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree ( a title that he rarely uses) and received  his second ordination from the Esoteric Theology Seminary as a Metaphysical Interfaith Minister of the Metaphysical Interfaith Church.

David continued to practice Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Coaching (before it became vogue) and Reiki, until he was forced to give up practicing Reiki in Florida, when in 1999 The Florida Board od Massage determined that Reiki, the age old spiritual practice of "laying on of hands" (thought to have been practiced by Jesus) was a form of "massage" and persons, including clergy (ordained ministers), were forbidden by law to spiritually help people through Reiki without being licensed by The Florida Board of Massage as a "massage therapist" and subsequently a memebr of the Florida State Massage Therapy Assoc. or a licensed nurse. However, David continues to perform Spiritual Healing (not Reiki), secular and religious marriages, funerals and primarily is in private practice as a non-religious Spiritual Coach via individual telephone sessions or through his "12 Weeks to Spirituality" coaching program.

David's weekly Sunday morning Internet Radio Podcast "The Happiness Hour" at www.TheHappinessHour.org continues to grow with a steady following of "Happy" listeners.

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