​​David Kemler

                          "It continues to be a journey!"

David began his entertainment career in early 1970 in theatrical stage production. In 1975 he studied Theatrical Stage Makeup with the renowned makeup artist and wig maker, Bob Kelly, at his studio in NYC. After graduating, David became Makeup Supervisor for the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, PA. While there, he worked with celebrity name such as Don Knots, now Broadway star Liz Larsen, Yvonne Decarlo, Pat Caroll, Jonathon Daly Harrison Page and Penny Larsen Vine. 

In late 1970, David left the makeup field and became business manager for CASTAP, Ltd. (Consolidated American Stage Technicians and allied Professions). After two years he joined ENCORA PRODUCTIONS. His drive and zest as a producer, lead to him becoming CEO  of the Entertainment Corporation of America, or ENCORA. David conceived and produced numerous North Eastern tours of LIVE stage productions under ENCORA'S banner. It was in that capacity that David met and became associated with then hot-property, national TV host Bob Eubanks/Bob Eubanks Enterprises and the LIVE version of Chuck Barris' hit game show The Newlywed Game. David's first Newlywed Game was in August of 1979. He continued working with Mr. Eubanks through 2008.  Thirty years total. Fifteen of those years were non-stop touring with Mr. Eubanks. and his LIVE Newlywed Game production. The LIVE show played in 675 cities, several more than once, through out the US, Canada an Mexico.

David's work with Bob wasn't confined to only The Newlywed Game. David worked with him on other entertainment projects such as The Bob Eubanks Game and Give-A-Way show at Resorts International Hotel Casino and Harrah's Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. David and Bob worked on a television informercial for International Introductions, just to name a few. 

During the same time, David continued to work with other talent such as the original "Annie" Andrea Macardle,  award winning Broadway dance star, Gary Flannery, Oprah Winfrey and the "voice" of the devil in The Exorcist, Academy Award winning actress, Mercedes McCambridge. David also put together a LIVE show for The Newlywed Game's companion piece, The Dating Game staring Broadway actress, Ellaine Joyce.

As a talent agent, David booked national acts such as Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners, Chef Tel and for three years he was the exclusive agent for the original Four Aces, featuring Al Alberts.

From 2008 - 2010, David hosted his This Business of Entertainment segment on actress Brenda Martin's weekly radio show on Clearwater's WTAN - Entertainment and the Arts.  

David began Personal Managing various performers in the Tampa Bay area. He also managed Tony Marsh and it wasn't long before Tony asked him to produce and direct his television show, It's A Beautiful Home with Tony Marsh on TV32.

In  2009, David hooked up with Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi", Larry Thomas. In addition to booking him for autograph appearances, he put together a one hour LIVE program for Larry to perform in various venues nationwide.  

This new year, David became a licensed affiliate of Professional Entertainment Consultants    in Seattle. David will be looking for talent to fill PEC's client's needs.

Even with David's affiliation with PEC, he is always willing to consider working on various viable entertainment projects which pique his interest. 

Let's see, what's next?  

                   David Kemler