Karolyn Grimes

​Zu Zu "It's A Wonderful Life"

(The stories are PRICELESS!)

Leroy Van Dyke

Bob Kelly

Rip Taylor

Penny Larsen Vine.

Broadway Tour "The Wedding Singer"

Billy Graham

David Kemler

feauring Al Alberts

Don Knotts

Conway Twitty

Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners

Pat Carroll

Elaine Joyce

Tony Award Nominee

Ben Edwards

Tony Award for Best Scenic Artist

Larry Thomas

Jonathon Daly

Tony Marsh

Chef Tell

WWE Diva - Katie Lea

Katarina Waters

Gary Flannery

Mercedes McCambridge

When it comes to working with talent, EXPERIENCE counts...

                     and I've worked with some of the BEST!

Yvonne Decarlo

Oprah Winfrey

​(Wow! Look at us...1985)